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      What's in your mind?
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      How are you today?

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      I rmb once, went to a quite famous SPA that include massage and 1 shot service. Was my first time there, after choosing the girl I wanted proceed to the room, along the massage she was teasing me with her pussy on my brother, rubbing on her clit and teasing by inserting my dick head. Due to the intense teasing, small head over-ruled big head, just thrust it in while she is on top, she didn't resist and continue with few different position and ended at doggy, shot all my load inside her. She got so shock and angry after I shoot inside, and ask me am I clean, due to its my first virgin visit to such places, I assure her that im clean and after some sweet talk we just cuddle on. Amazing feel on raw and got tested subsequent, was safe. But it was a gamble and lucky on not getting anything. Pointer: be careful and play on ur own risk and don't regret after.

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      What's in your mind?
      I am:

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      My first time happen accidentally. Condom broke with a filipino girl. all in a sudden, feel extra sensitive and syok, pull out and see..condom break. Terrifying

      2nd encounter, with a viet. I RTF few times with her and eventually knowing each other (normal cheong way). I joke with her: Can i not wear CD? she silence..moment after, reply me with an action. (My guess, she likes me.. offer me something and hoping i can be her bf someday. Well, I guess some viet lady did hunting this kind of opportunity). End up, I put up CD and continue. she seems upset, and ask me..u scare got BB?

      3rd encounter, with a China MILF ML, keep teasing me while doing massat. End up we both didn't bring CD. Both of us already so desperate and so, it happen again.

      4th encounter, with a NL ML. again, didn't bring CD that day.

      Now. NO MORE. Enough of stupidity to gamble 1 moment of excitement with months of mental stress or even a life time of regrets!

      It happen and u can't control your small head. It feel so syok but so damn stress afterwards..and it last for months!
      I will not recommend anyone to do so.

      Sounds hypocrite right? trust me, it never worth to do RAW.


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